How We’re Funded

100% Privately Funded

My Brother’s Keeper is 100% privately funded. Because we are a Christian community serving in Christ’s name, we do not accept any local, state, or federal funding. And unlike many charities, no donated items are ever sold. The best we have goes directly to those we serve.

Instead, we put our faith in God and rely wholly on the generosity of those who value our work: individuals, families, businesses, churches and foundations.

In 1988, our co-founders Jim and Terry Orcutt began serving families from the cellar of their home. Their friends and family collected soda cans for the 5-cent returnable deposit, the first fundraising effort for My Brother’s Keeper.

Today, we are blessed with thousands of supporters, two modern facilities in Easton and Dartmouth, 15 employees, a fleet of 10 vehicles, and 4,000 student, business, and individual volunteers each year (pre-COVID-19).

Our annual budget is approximately $5,100,000, which represents a combination of financial donations and in-kind donations (gifts of goods and services).

God is good and He provides through people! Please consider joining our work by making your own donation.

Good Stewardship

t My Brother’s Keeper, we value every donor, understanding each gift represents a sacrifice and a choice to support our work serving families in need in Christ’s name.

We work hard to be good stewards of the donations entrusted to us: volunteer services and in-kind donations enable 92% of all support to go directly to program services.

Over the course of a year, our 4,000 volunteers (pre-COVID-19) donate an estimated 45,000 hours of community service helping with pickups and deliveries, administrative needs, and building maintenance.

In addition, many generous supporters offer their professional skills and unique resources to help decrease expenses. Here are just a few:

Bostonian Cleaning & Restoration
Provides free flooring and building maintenance services

AllGreen Lawn, Tree, & Shrub Care
Donates all fertilizer and weed applications

Inspired Technologies
Donates telecommunication services

ICON Advertising & Design
Donates graphic design & website services

Lightchaser Photography
Provides discounted photography and editing

Red Line Freight Systems
Transport 20,000 lbs. of food per week

Financial Management Philosophy

My Brother’s Keeper is committed to the following financial management practices:

Having faith in God to provide for the ministry’s needs through the generosity of people
Avoiding the accumulation of funds. We believe money should pass through us to serve those in need, not remain with us.
Strong stewardship which maximizes program expenditures while minimizing administration and fundraising costs
Staff wages which are fair and reasonable — not excessive
Annual planning and budgeting based on the level of giving and our resources
Spending and expansion at a rate that does not incur indebtedness
Oversight by a volunteer Board of Directors including a Treasurer who is a CPA
Annual audits by an independent certified public accounting firm
Disclosure of current audited financial statements upon request
Avoidance of any conflict of interest that would compromise the good reputation of My Brother’s Keeper
Full compliance with the guidelines of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the United States Internal Revenue Service

Bequest Program

In recent years, a number of our community members have approached us and named My Brother’s Keeper as a beneficiary of their estate. What a humbling and affirming gift!

Why have these supporters chosen to remember My Brother’s Keeper in their will? Here are just a few of the reasons:
“We believe 100% in your work and your mission ’To bring the Love and Hope of Jesus Christ to those we serve.”
“I grew up poor in a single-parent home and I love that you serve without judging.”
“My husband and I are personally involved at My Brother’s Keeper. We know the founders and the staff and we trust you to use our gift wisely.”
“My Brother’s Keeper has meant so much to us and to our kids over the years. We want to keep the work going and help it grow.”
“I want to leave a legacy of goodness and I can think of no better place than My Brother’s Keeper.”

Please think and pray about including My Brother’s Keeper in your will or estate plan. Your gift in support of our mission will impacts thousands of lives — both the lives of those we serve and those who serve with us.

Contact Erich Miller, President, at 508-238-7512 with any questions.